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Orange Crush

After college, my love affair with everything Hermes quickly began. I worked for the French fashion house for well over a year in Atlanta, Georgia and I couldn’t believe my luck to get to play with all these exquisite well made pieces. From their scarves to their handbags, the craftsmanship is undeniable and truly breathtaking. I learned so much during this time, mostly about striving for excellent customer service as well as appreciating quality and well-made pieces. Whether it be their leather goods, silk scarves, saddles or ready to wear line, excellence was what the French fashion house embodied.

In my home, I love to frame a Hermes scarf, whether it be in my daughter’s bedroom or in my showroom. I have touches of orange throughout my home. It’s such a fun color that goes well with neutrals as a pop color and is gender neutral by reading masculine or feminine. The color instantly warms a room and gives your home a cheery, happy feeling.

While at my friend’s home, interior designer Christian Ladd,  I was more than happy to pose with some of her orange boxes.

Photography by Jo Anna Robertson

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