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Summer Skincare Favorites

Whether you are a skincare aficionado or totally new to the skincare game there are a few must-haves that everyone should have in their arsenal, and with summer around the corner, this is especially true. Below are my favorites in no particular order.

Maybe just this one item is ranked, simply because it is of utmost importance no matter what skin tone or type you have, and that is sunscreen. Sun damage affects everyone and that is why sunscreen is the most important step of any skincare routine.  My absolute favorite line of sun protection is Supergoop. What I love about Supergoop is there is a range of different types of sunscreen, my favorite being the Everyday SPF 50. As simple as a step as it may sound, not all sunscreen is created equal and that’s where Supergoop comes in. With the wide variety of different types of products, there really is something suited for any skin type.

Next up: Glamglow Supermud Activated Charcoal Treatment Mask. While I would love to be getting weekly facials to keep my skin in check that just isn’t always realistic…enter Supermud. I first have to preface this by saying I have very sensitive and dry skin. Some people could handle using this mask several times a week but while it isn’t harsh at all, I find once a week to be the perfect usage for my skin. I use it on a Sunday night as a quick refresh for my skin to start the week.  And as an added bonus, they make a travel size in case you aren’t ready to pull the trigger or have a vacation coming up that you foresee the need for a little {skin} detoxing.

If I had to choose one holy grail product from this list, it would be Garnier Micellar Water. A somewhat new concept in the U.S. micellar water has been a popular cleansing product in France for ages. While there are many different brands of micellar water on the market I find that Garnier works just as well if not better than its pricier counterparts. You could call it a lazy girl life hack but what used to be the most dreaded step of my skincare routine is now quick and easy thanks to micellar water.

Another must have are the Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Patches. Made with soothing cornflower, these seem to beat out most, if not all other eye patches for me. What I like about these particular patches is they are unscented and not at all sticky or runny like many others tend to be. I pop these in the fridge and put them on when getting ready for an event or if I’m just in need of a little extra (under-eye) boost.

Last but definitely not least is the ice roller for face and eye puffiness. While jade rollers are having their moment, I have to admit they do not hold a candle to the ice roller. This is another item that can be put in the refrigerator or freezer and is a go-to year round for inflammation. I use it after a long day (or a night out) or in the morning to decrease puffiness.  You could even take it up a notch as some beauty junkies do and store it in a mini fridge in your bathroom to have it on hand before bed or right when you wake up and roll away!


Supergoop SPF // Glam Glow Supermud // Garnier Micellar Water // Klorane Patches // Ice Roller

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