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Creating a Blog…Logo Fun

Fun is always at the heart of everything, isn’t it or shouldn’t it be? That’s what I was thinking about when I decided to create this blog. After we created the Mood Board, the next step was to make a decision upon the name of the blog and then move onto logo drafts. It took me a little while, but we finally arrived at The MOD Style. MOD has several meanings including modern, fresh and “stylish dress”.  MOD was my maiden monogram until I married and I always thought I would open up a shop using those letters. Instead, here we are.

My talented friend, Robyn Bilson from Hatched Studio, helped me create these logos and when I look at them, I feel excited and proud of what we accomplished. It took us a while to narrow down the colors because I clearly LOVE color and we (I) couldn’t decide on which color palette (because they were all so good!), style, and graphic upon which to commit. After MUCH deliberation, we are thrilled with the end result. The colors are fun, happy and exactly what we wanted to create with The MOD Style Blog.

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