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Welcome to the blog


Welcome to the MOD Style!

After much careful thought, I decided to try something new and put myself “out there” in a way I honestly NEVER thought I would! Starting this blog, The MOD Style, took much consideration, energy and really a lot of work! I am proud of what I have accomplished with the help of many talented friends, new and old. Seriously gifted graphic web designer, amazing photographers, savvy and smart new contributors and fellow bloggers all have helped me more than they realize. Just as important, family, friends, and colleagues have been incredibly encouraging and supportive.

The MOD Style is where you will find images and styles that I love from the companies I represent as well as favorites across the market place in the beauty, fashion, home, and lifestyle. “MOD” is my maiden monogram, Margaret Osborne Downey and also has several meanings, including a modern and stylish dress.  This is my first blog post and I am thrilled to be beginning this new journey. Continuing with styling for the clothing companies that I work for and helping the ladies (and men) is what I most enjoy and I look forward to many years to come.

Cheers to trying something new and embracing a new journey.

XO, Maggie

Photography by Chriselda Photography 

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