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Brand Feature: Cover Swim

For this month’s brand feature we are highlighting a swimwear line that we love, Cover Swim. Not only are their swimsuits chic but they also serve a purpose: sun protection. We are all about discovering a fun fashion line but it’s even better when there’s a mission behind the brand.

Lisa Moore, creator of Cover Swim, came up with the concept after returning home from many vacations sunburned as a new mom who was so focused on her child’s sunscreen application that she didn’t think twice about protecting her own skin.

Cover Swim was founded in 2008, and two years later Moore’s sister was diagnosed with melanoma. Following her sister’s diagnosis, Cover Swim’s mission became even clearer: to blend aesthetics with health.

Cover’s swimsuits are made of Protec Swim Jersey, which contain SPF 50+ microfibers that block 98 percent of UV rays. 

From long sleeved suits, to sports bras and children’s suits, there is something for everyone. See our top picks below and check out Cover Swim’s website to see more.

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Photos courtesy of: @coverswim

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