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Makeup Favorites Feature with Ellie Duncan

Last week we met with makeup lover (and expert if you ask us), Ellie Duncan, to learn about some of her favorite makeup and skincare products. Ellie was one of the makeup artists used at our Fashion for a Cause fashion show and we were immediately impressed by her makeup knowledge. Below we asked Ellie about some of her tried and true’s as well as her favorites of the moment.

Q: What would you say is the most important step in a makeup routine?

A: Primer always sets the tone on how your makeup look will go. Depending on the primer, your makeup can either impress or completely flop. My most reliable primer is the Tatcha silk canvas primer. This primer blurs my pores, eliminates excessive shine, and completely preps my skin for the rest of my makeup look. 

Q: Do you have a number one favorite product?

A: My favorite product that I own is my Coco Chanel Ultra le teint velvet foundation. I have never found a color that accurately matches my skin tone until I bought this. Not only does it make my skin appear incredibly even but it is also soft to the touch when I apply this.

Q: What is a product that is new to your routine that you are loving?

A: The Becca Cosmetics highlighter in “Champagne Pop” is iconic to say the least in the beauty world. Depending on preference and application, this highlighter can either emphasize your focal points in a subtle way or completely blind others with the intense glow.

Q: What’s one product that is a complete game changer that will elevate your makeup look?

A: I have an addiction to eye shadow palettes and it is hard to choose my favorite but my top two are the original Naked palette by Urban Decay and the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil set. The naked pallet can give anywhere from a subtle eye look to an intense smokey eye. The Fenty Beauty pallet is made of extremely pigmented sparkle shades. They can also be used as a highlighter because of the high pigment.

Q: Our favorite product is mascara – do you have a favorite?

A: I feel like I have tried every mascara from drug store to high end but the most impressive to me is the Westman Atelier Mascara. It gives the desired pitch black lashes with intense volume and curl but it is also 96% naturally made. This mascara not only makes my eyelashes look healthier but also feel healthier with and without this mascara on.

Q: What’s the final touch to each of your makeup looks?

A: For me, the final touch to any look is the Juice Infused Lip Oil from Ulta Beauty. I am obsessed with a shiny lip and this adds the perfect amount of plump.

Q: Moving on to skincare. What is the first step in your skincare routine?

A: The first thing I do when getting ready for bed is remove all of my makeup. A lot of the makeup removers I have used in the past are full of oil and clogs my skin even more. Last Christmas, I received the Collosol cleansing milk as a gift. It’s gentle on your face, but it removes all makeup. Another makeup remover I use is the Makeup Eraser from Sephora. It’s simply a rag that you wet and it easily cleanses your face of all product. 

Q: What would you say is your number one tip when it comes to skincare?

A: The number one tip that I constantly hear for skin care is to touch your face as little as possible. Because of that, I use the Clarisonic facial brush. While it does thoroughly clean my skin, I only use it once a day to avoid over exfoliating. Twice a day, I use the Nip + Fab Glycolic fix daily cleansing pads. I have blemishes on my face from previous picking and I have found that glycolic acid products help to remove acne scars. These cleansing pads help my scarring fade. 

Q: Do you have a Holy Grail skincare favorite?

A: One face mask that has helped me the most is the Glycolic Acid 50% Gel Peel Mask. I can only use it once every 2 weeks and leave it on 3 minutes or less but it’s definitely the most effective product I have ever tried. It has helped make several scars disappear completely from my skin. Another one of my must have masks is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask. This mask has made pimples completely go away for me and really deep cleans my pores. 

Q: What about a favorite moisturizer?

A: My favorite moisturizer is the original Olay active hydrating beauty fluid lotion. I have combination skin so I use it less often during the summer but this lotion is my life source in the winter. The formula is incredibly smooth and has no greasy feeling unlike most other facial moisturizers I have tried.

Q: Any skincare difficulties that you have found products to help with?

A: I do struggle with pimples and I understand For a literal over night solution, I use the Avarelle acne cover patches. It’s a little patch that you put on the designated area and it brings the whatever it is to the surface of your skin so it’s easy to pop in the morning.

Q: Lastly, what’s your final step in your skincare routine?

A: I do not go a night without using my Laneige Lip Sleeping mask. Yes, I could use chapstick like everyone else but the moisture it gives my lips for the next day is incredible. The one thing I feel like is a must have is glossed/ moisturized/ luscious/ plump lips.

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