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Life is all about balance. So many of us live for today and plan for tomorrow. Our styling business feels like that so often. We are showing spring gorgeous clothing colors full of vibrant hues that make us want to dance in a green garden full of fresh flowers or frolic on the beach while there is snow on the ground and gray skies in the cold of January and February. We too want to be snuggled up by the fire, but we are focused on and loving our new fashion season.

It can be a challenge for us as well as for our clients. We want to take this moment to thank those women who support us and our business. Without you, we wouldn’t be here growing our mindset, our career possibilities,

and YOUR GORGEOUS wardrobe. Our beautiful clients understand the business and that we DO have to plan for their vacations (beach, city, mountain), weddings (spring/summer/fall/winter), engagement parties that fall in the future rather than our current season, business meetings and future luncheons or just throwing on the perfect blouse or sweater for carpool.

We want to thank them/you for their/your support and understanding of our fashion business. We love showing our two womenswear collections, Carlisle and Etcetera. We cannot wait to show our clients the next two showings of summer. Sneak peek here and here. Save the date for late March and April, or pre-order now or pre-book.

Here is to looking towards sunny skies in our next season.


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