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Boost your Immune System

In the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, it helps when one of your best friends owns a health food store…She gave us the list of the best supplements to boost your immune system. We linked them all below. If you can’t find them linked, at your local health food store, contact Jen at Jack’s.

Sovereign Silver – kids too

Host Defense Myco Shield Spray or Host Defense MyCommunity

Elderberry Syrup, Elderberry Gummies (kids too), Gaia Elderberry

Oregano Oil Capsules Oregano Oil

Supplemental Case

Below you will find the above as well as some personal favorite products, supplements, and vitamins that I and friends use often. Send us a note with any of your favorites!

We are in no way physicians and these are supplements that we use and love.

Be Well & Stay Healthy!


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